I first developed an interest in photography over 40 years ago, back in the old days of film. I enjoy all forms of Nature photography, with a passion for African wildlife in particular. I enjoy capturing images that tell a story and often what others fail to see. I've often thought of embarking on photography as a full-time career, however, preferring to photograph what I like rather than be tainted by whether or not my images will sell. The images that I do manage to market are also the ones that I too enjoy the most. By sharing some of my images, I hope to develop an awareness of the frailty of so many of our animal species.

Not seeing a print that you would like? Let us know and we will make it!

1. Email  Marc at: romols@gmail

2. Include a jpeg or screenshot of the photo you are interested in

3. Photo will be prepared and uploaded

4. After receiving a link to the photo, order it!

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